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Hotel Rural da Freita - Retreat

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Double room (27/10/2023 - 29/10/2023)

  • 410 euros

Service Description

***BOOKING ISSUES please Contact us on or on Instagram @apyyou_ *** Thank you "Estações de mim" / "My own seasons" retreat Autumn retreat in Serra da Freita. Yoga practices Meditation practice Theta healing Mountain Bath (dynamic walking in nature) Vegan integrative orthomolecular nutrition. Accommodation in a local rural hotel close to the waterfalls over a mountain. Healthy dinner Mediation and shared before sleeping Friday 5:00 PM - Check-in Welcome with moxa treatment and a snack. Room assignments 6:30 PM - Presentation on the theme "Fall Season" in the light of TCM 7:00 PM - Yoga Practice, Subtle Bodies, Lower Chakras. 8:00 PM - Dinner 9:12 PM - Integration Meditation with live music designed for the Metal element. Saturday 8:00 AM - Room descent and energetic shot 8:00 AM - Integrative Yoga Practice, Movement Lab 9:00 AM - Breakfast 10:30 AM- Nutrition Lab "Autumnal Nutrition" 11:30 AM -Theory of elements according to TCM - the ruling element in Autumn. Establishing Healthy Habits for Autumn 1:00 PM - Mega delicious and nutritious Lunch 2:00 PM - Integration Time Free time for a short walk or return to rooms 3:30 PM - Yoga Asana Practice for Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 4:30 PM - Theta Healing (taking advantage of the relaxed body and slowed mind) 5:00/5:30 PM - Snack 6:30 PM - Sunset, silent contemplation (outdoors) 8:00 PM - Dinner 9:12 PM - Eclipse Meeting Contemplation Live Music Meditation Sunday 8:00 AM - Room descent and energetic shot 8:00 AM - Yoga Practice and the Moon in the light of Upper Chakras 9:00 AM - Breakfast 10:30 AM - Seasonal Kitchen Workshop with Rita 1:00 PM - Lunch and sharing 2:30 PM - Walk and Mountain Bath. 3:30 PM - Integration and room ascent 4:00 PM - Sharing 4:30 PM - Namaste Prices: 1 Guest - 410 (no VAT/IVA) 2 Guests - 730 (no VAT/IVA) Location - Serra da Freita, Mizarela, Cabreiros e Albergaria da Serra 4540-013 Portugal

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